This is an in-process, multi Redwall novel-crossover fanfic series. I (WildloughRhulain) set up a backup wiki entirely for it:

So far the authors are: WildloughRhulain, Shieldmaiden, Wolf and Emijane.

Main Protagonist: Tiria Wildlough from High Rhulain

Main Antagonist: Vilaya from The Sable Quean

After the High Rhulain is captured by agents of the Sable Quean, the otters of Green Isle must mount a rescue mission.

Places in the seriesEdit

Green Isle

Redwall Abbey

Mossflower Woods


Book One- Blackrudder's ProphecyEdit

Pages in category "The Quean and the Rhulain"

Media in category "Category:The Quean and the Rhulain"

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