Bluegillo (Bluegills) Runningstream is a lanky otter. His nickname, Bluegills, is because he has blue specks of berry paint on his neck, paint put on in a tribal tattoo. Bluegills is a fierce warrior and protector. He constantly worries about his mate, Skipper Milrabrook.

Bluegills has grey fur with black spots. He usually wears a barkcloth tunic and two braided paw bracelets. He wears a large shell necklace because he is a sea otter, like Milrabrook. His eyes are liquidy brown.

Bluegill's weapons are a spear, sword, and a choking noose. He is in his teen seasons.


Height- 3 feet.

Appearance- Grey fur, tall and sinewy, kind of lanky. Has brown eyes and wears a barkcloth tunic with sea shell jewelry.

Age- 14 seasons.

Weapons-Noose, spear, sword.