Well, it may not be a normal subpage, but at least you all can edit it! :D

So here's a space for the timeline! I'll make it with bullet points.

Note that this will begin as being quite general, because this way we can add little things. If you'd like to add something. feel free! However, I want to make sure most of the participants are okay with your idea (and my ideas too XD)

The beginning is the Prologue, and so I will begin with my piece. You are also welcome to make your own character's prologue piece, but it may work best to just put it in the next Chapter.

I'm color coding so you can see who did what.





  • Vivien lives in the far north fox village, which is in midst of turmoil between the two opposing sides (hares and squirrel tribes)
  • The foxes are attacked by both tribes because of their decision to remain neutral and not ally with either side. (Vivien's mother is killed, she is taken.)
  • Laraza turns against the squirrels because they stand aside when her younger sister Kaia is killed in the war against the hares by a squirrel elder, Danrael Oakblade, who doesn't bother to let Kaia move aside before he shoots an arrow, shoots Kaia and the hare behind her with one shaft, calling it a "casualty of war". A hare named Rezia Northwynd is the only one who swears to help Laraza avenge her sister, risking having her own kind turn on her in the process.
  • Crystal's parents are killed in the wars and she is left in the care of her aunt, who sickens and dies later on. She goes out to make her own living and becomes a spy and assassin for the squirrels, though she doesn't like them or their way of thinking. It's just her job.

Seasons pass

Chapter 1

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