Angel of Ice

Azul in battle gear

Azul of Asguard

Azul traveling clothes

Azul is a blue gray fox maid of sixteen or seventeen, with raven-black hair and clear blue eyes. She's niece of the king of Asguard, Indigo, and cousin of Blue, the crown prince. In life, Azul wants nothing more than freedom to rule her own destiny, never have to get married, and be a knight .. an elite warrior for her kingdom. Having made friends with one of the squires, a pine marten called Martes, Azul got him to teach her everything he learns, becoming quite good with the sword. She also spends time around the outcast palace falconer, a cat named Konan, and his impressive pet phoenix, Icicle.

Azul can be exceedingly spoiled, manipulative, and short tempered at times. She had problems with grudges .. if the offence seems minor in her eyes, she'll let it slide, but if she's truly angry, forgiveness won't come easily. She's also prone to lie if it seems beneficial to her or creatures she cares about. Getting into trouble and fights is second nature to her, as is answering any sort of challenge. Rather brash, unkind, and inconsiderate, Azul's very opinionated and sometimes too vocal about her ideas.

On the other side, she can be fun, has a hard time to keep from laughing if she finds something funny. She's deathly loyal to what she believe in and loves, from her friends, to her country, to her pets, and even objects, like her saber or her mother's necklace. She likes to write and sing, though she never lets anyone see her do this, least they think she was loosing her tom-boyishness in any way. She's very proud of how strange she is, and almost seems to thrive on conflict.

When her world is turned upside-down by a strange visitor and her accomplices, Azul finds her thirst for adventure and danger quite satisfied .. maybe too much so. Alongside an outcast of society, a squire who loves peace, an albino phoenix, a hyper tailor's apprentice, and a traitor on multiple accounts, Azul must find something that does not exist in a race to save not only all of Asguard, but her own life as well.

Random Trivia Edit

Azul is one of my fursonas, therefore she replicates at least an aspect of my personality. She's my colder, more selfish, meaner side, so she can be exceptionally frustrating at times.

Azul was once a Redwall oc I morphed for 'Destiny'.

I first got the idea for Azul from Elsa and 'Frozen'.

Azul means 'blue' in Spanish, and she's a blue-gray fox. Fitting no?

Books Edit


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