Name: Aramaya (are-mai-ah) Wavediver (the second "a" in first name is silent)

Birthname is Wavediver, but is related to the Galedeep clan on her mother's side.

Animal: Sea Otter

Place of Origin: Aramaya was born in a holt on the borders of the far Northland; she has a heavy Highland accent.

Gender: F

Age: Young (Six seasons- twelve years?)

Weapons : Oak longbow and Blue-flighted arrows, double-pointed javelin.

Aramaya only fights when absolutely necessary, to defend herself or other innocent creatures who need help

Scars, birthmarks: No scars as of yet, a small patch of tan fur under her left eye.

Death: N/A

Fur Color: Dark brown, except for birthmark

Eye Color: Pale blue

Clothes: Aramaya wears a simple dark green tunic, a light green-and-black checked kilt, a pair of silver-framed glasses.

Personality: jovial, adores otterbabes, enjoys reading, is a good herbalist, has a phobia of heights-

Is loyal to the High Rhulain