Ahrra is a strange otter Seer, who, contrary to the beliefs of most of her species, is a Seer to the Lord Duister. She is sable-furred and wears a green sari, and any bare patch of fur is covered with gold jewelry. She is rather sarcastic, and, she is close to Duister, in a very sinister way. She can also identify any other Seer there might be around her.

She was originally Seer of the Juskacull, so she has the Juskacull tattoos(a green stripe down the nose, a blue icicle on one cheek and a short, black link of chains up the other). However, she deserted with her friends Sini the stoat and Vinta the cat. The trio ran into Rosebrush and Vaylayna later on, but were beat by the two warriors. Yet, as soon as Rosebrush relaxed her guard on their weapons, the trio turned the tables furiously fast.

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