Hello there. I have decided to Bash the Fandom you all know and love.

Though Brian Jacques was able to create an incredibly immersive and wonderful world, even the best of authors cannot avoid the Cliches. Whether is be a character, plot, or setting.

Do understand That I too love the books, and with all due respect understand why some people will get mad. But do understand this is being made for comical reasons, and perhaps acknowledge some overused elements which can be seen from time to time. With that being said, If you don't want me to "ruin" The Redwall Saga, then you don't have to read this story.

And with that, Let's..."a-do" it.

Book 1: The Backstory For the Setting Before The Actual action Happens Edit

Prologue Edit

As always, Redwall Abbey was bustling with life. Not only where the birds singing sweetly, the sunlight touched every single brick of the Red Abbey. It was the first day of Summer, and everyone was working hard for the Name Day Feast.

An old, aging mouse crept up to a much younger mouse. They stood in the abbey garden; some gnarled fruit trees overlooking the pond. Bees hummed happily in the air. It was indeed the first day of summer.

"Lovely day, isn't it, young Melvin?"

The younger male mouse turned around, smiling warmly at his older acquaintance. "I agree, Father Maple. It is truly lovely."

Abbot Maple nodded sagely, adjusting his old-man spectacles. "Aye. The feast will be held this evening. Perhaps you may help Friar Carrot in the Kitchen? Dibbuns are always causing no good!"

Melvin grinned. "Why, I remember Mother Brockflower telling me you where very naughty when you where a Dibbun! Always stealing cakes and such!"

"...Nevermind that." The Old Abbot said blushing. "Anyhow, will you help? I expect you will, since you are surprisingly mature for your age."

"Of course I will, Abbot! I want to show the reader how much of a good character I am, so when it comes down to the final fight, they will all root for me to win!"


"Nevermind! Good day." Called Melvin, running away.

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